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Healing Versus Enabling

We are going to talk about the difference between healing and enabling.

Healing is when you supply or give an energy that a person is missing, or subtract an energy that they have too much of. Most disease is having too much sugar or too little sugar, or too much or too little white blood cells. Most disease functions from the place of not having enough or having too much.

As hands-on healers, we put our hands on the people and give them energy. This then encourages their body to make more or make less, to get rid of or save a supply of something. When we heal people, we help them with things that they can not do for themselves. We notice the situations, and we help them along. Sometimes we will do things they could do for themselves, but it would be very inconvenient for them. Healing is about sharing and giving energy. Enabling is about taking away responsibilities from people so they do not suffer the consequences.

Suffer the consequences – what does that mean?

Do I have a thirty-eight-year-old son sitting at home, making excuses for why he can not work? A son who tells me his last boss was mean, and he could not get along with him, but then asks me to give him money to go out to eat tonight? And he asks for money to put gas in his car even though he has not given me rent from his last two paychecks?

When you start taking away responsibilities from people and start making excuses for them; for instance: “He is sensitive,” or “He has ADHD,” or “He is an addict;” you are enabling them.

When you make excuses for people and why they can not do anything for themselves, or why the situation is the way it is – you are enabling them.

In other words, you are letting them get away with energy and actions that you know are not appropriate.

Sometimes, we put our stuff onto other people. We say “Oh, you need a healing,” or “No, let me do this for you.” We do this because we need it done for ourselves. Or we take something from our life and try to apply it to others. For instance, you have a history of men cheating on you, and you transfer it by telling all of your girlfriends their husbands are cheating on them. We develop this place we live in, and where we can enable someone or see that a person needs healing, depending on where we come from. You might know a lady who had alcoholic parents and alcoholic husbands, three of them. Any time anyone has a problem she says, “Your husband has an addiction. If he is not addicted to alcohol, he is addicted to sex or sugar or work.”

Do not go out there and enable people or heal people when it is YOU that needs the healing, and when it is you who are enabling with your righteousness. PAY ATTENTION.

When you take away the consequences and enable somebody, a child, someone who is in your frame of responsibility, you become responsible for their reality. This could be their laundry, bills, taxes, or insurance. It could be their way of behaving or their lack of maturity. You think, “Oh, just one more time – here is forty bucks.” In the end, you will be the one frustrated. You will be the one who is angry. Enabling is doing something for others that they can do for themselves. Let us think about that. Let’s say Jane’s daughter moves back down with her two children, after leaving her husband. She moves in with her mother. You think about bringing some dinner over for Jane. Yes, under the circumstances, Jane usually takes care of herself; but she has four extra people in the house. Yes, bake a casserole and take it over to her. Yes, you can give something in those situations; but do not become responsible for their reality.

When we see someone in pain or difficulty, and we do not say anything to them – there is no healing. When you ask someone if something is wrong, and they tell you no, but there are tears running down their face, and you do not want to become involved – there is no healing. You may think, “That is going to take a lot of my energy!”, but you are the healer! How do you enable others? Do you not offer help if they do not ask for it? Do you not heal them when you know they are sick, even if they have not specifically said they were sick or they needed your help? You enable them in their own suffering. Do you enable yourself, by dumping your family’s stuff? Do you take your mother’s stuff, and dump it on your teacher, for example? You enable yourself.

All of these times when you are not using thought, you are in that duh space. You say, “Why didn’t I manifest anything? Why is there no change in my life?” but ninety per cent of the day has been spent doing nothing and thinking nothing. Are you just hollow-eyed and walking past people and not seeing? Are they starving? Are they in pain? You give them a nod and pull your eyes away as quickly as you can. That is enabling.

You are a light bearer, a light walker, a light worker, a light healer; and you are enabling someone in their pain. They come and sit in front of you, hoping and praying that someone notices that their heart is broken; and they are crying on the inside. They hope you notice that they are destroying everything in their life for attention, including their friends. Do you just look at them and walk on by? How do you enable suffering? Where is your healer?

Stop wasting your day with selfish thoughts like “Why does she have a new car?” Or maybe you think someone does this or that or treats her husband better. Work on your own stuff. Work on your new car! Look at your thoughts! Create your reality!

Do not be envious or jealous. Do not think, “They hurt me. They said this or that.” When you are living in that past, each relationship looks like the same relationship you had with your father/first wife/husband, because you cannot get off of it and move away from it.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Your selfishness and envy, your poor me, your yesterday or last year; those do not create your reality.

You can have rich thoughts- cultivate them.

Do not be against anything. Do not be against war, be for peace.

Be for healing, not against cancer.

Do not enable, do not walk past.

Live with the fullest energy.

Work on yourself. Take responsibility. You are the master of your reality.

What kind of life do you want to create for you, for the people around, and for the world?


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