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Private Tutoring

Are you a master teacher or healer looking to deepen your knowledge so you can be more effective at what you do? 
Or a business leader looking to achieve mastery in your work? 

Or perhaps you're simply looking to get to the next level of your life, regardless of where you're at right now?

Private tutoring sessions are for people who are serious about taking their lives to the next level by living their purpose to the fullest.

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Training To Become Masters

Numerous master teachers and healers, C-suite executives, politicians, leaders have worked with Ming Kwang to get to the core of their mastery in their line of work.

Using coaching techniques, spiritual teachings, and healing, Ming Kwang is especially gifted identifying blind spots hindering a person's growth, and helping masters get to the next level of their game.

Customised training for accelerated growth

Private tutoring sessions use techniques from different lineages and schools to suit the apprentice's needs. We are not fixated on one specific framework.


Instead, Ming Kwang takes into consideration the psyche and development of the person, and selects the teachings and modalities that go to the roots of the issue to bring them to their mastery quicker. 

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Incorporate spirituality into your work and being

People also work with Ming Kwang to deepen their connection with themselves and with Source, so that they can ignite their path with soul-driven purpose. Ming Kwang conducts powerful healing, initiation, and activation sessions to unlock dormant gifts in the individual. He provides practical advice on what a person needs to do to live in alignment with their higher self and inner truth.

Your journey to mastery begins here

Private Tutoring

A Note from Ming Kwang

I'm excited for us to work together! This is my coaching style and how I work.

My gift is to make complex subjects into practical understanding in the material world. I serve as a bridge between the spiritual and material world. 

My approach is known to be direct, fast, precise, and cutting edge. I am known to be able to hold spaces for my clients to get their breakdowns and breakthroughs. 


Being in my space, clients will gain heightened insights and awareness for them to make conscious choices in their life. All it takes is the right intention, right thought, right word, right action, and right energy, to open up new possibilities both inside and outside of their reality. 


I design new foundations, frameworks, and fundamentals with my clients that support their new realities. I help my clients construct new pathways for them to manifest their soul purpose and callings.

As a Master Teacher, I know how to illuminate an individual's gift to its highest potential. I am designed to spark transformation and forwarding actions in their life that best serve their original intentions, soul contracts, agreements, and integrity. 

Today, I have worked with more than 10,000 people to transform and attain a higher level of awareness in order to manifest their purpose and destiny. Join me and many others on this amazing journey of transformation. 

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