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Universal Sight Tarot

Designed for masters, disciples, students, initiates, teachers, healers, intuitives, psychics, mystics of our time, coaches, facilitators, and even medical professionals, the deck serves to guide each individual down their path of healing, truth, self-awareness and actualization of one’s destiny through addressing the original energy cause of issues and dis-eases of the soul; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, where Source intervenes directly. Manifested through the intricate weaving of over twenty-five different teachings and core principles, with multiple ways of using them only for the highest of all good, it serves also for meditation and accessing profound insights. The deck consists of 74 cards in total: 22 Arcana Cards that follow the body organs systems, 13 cards each under the four Suites of “To Be”, “To Do”, “To Resolve”, “To Accomplish”.

Threading Worlds-13.jpg

Threading Worlds: Conversations On Mental Health consists of four volumes of facilitated conversations and dialogues between the author and seventy-five mental health professionals, people with lived experiences and local politicians/leaders to document their thoughts, understanding, experiences on mental health and emotional literacy in both professional and personal capacity.

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