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Unpack Complex Emotions

Shame, Guilt, and Rage are more subtle emotions that many of us do not notice. We feel that something is off within us, but we don't understand what's really making us uncomfortable. 

When we suppress or repress our emotions, they become unhealthy thought patterns that we replay unnecessarily. When overplayed, they become belief systems that hold us back. Shame, Guilt, and Rage Work help to unpack your emotions so that you can live fully in the NOW.


Feelings are fleeting, emotional baggages are of the past. We make conscious choices to free ourselves, so that we may live in the now and create a future that matters. 

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Break free from Shame

You feel your face burning, your ears turning red. You feel embarrassed, singled out, and awkward, but you can't let anyone know, so you hide it...

​Shame is a deep feeling of not being good, or worthy enough. When we bury our feelings of Shame in the subconscious and unconscious, we get stuck in our limiting beliefs.

Shame Work helps you to appreciate your value and worthiness. Your value comes when you can create value to yourself and the people around you. How you value yourself is how you value the people around you, and vice versa. Shame Work helps you understand who you are, so you're not always influenced by these external forces in your life. 


Letting go of Guilt

In a moment of impulsiveness, you did something, to yourself or others, that you weren't proud of. Unable to deal with the weight of the consequences, you carry the guilt from the past with you...

The cords of Guilt we carry from the past affect our future, how we perceive value, and the way we look at life. Those paralysed by guilt often find it hard to forgive themselves. The guilt eats away at them like a form of self-punishment, until there's nothing left. 


Guilt Work helps you let go and be free from the past, so you can create a future that matters.

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Image by Uriel Soberanes


Heal your suppressed Rage

It's something that person said or did that causes your heart to race. Before you know it, you're in a flying rage that's unhealthy for you and the people around you...


When our boundaries are collapsed or infringed, it triggers feelings of anger and Rage in us. Doing Rage Work is a chance for us to deal with the suppressed anger in the unconscious realm before it manifests into physical diseases and even chronic diseases like stroke and cancer. Learn how to set healthy boundaries, and be present with your emotions in the now.

What to expect in Shame, Guilt and Rage Work


Work with a Master Healer with close to 10 years of experience

Ming Kwang uses coaching tools, and specific techniques passed down from Medicine Man, Curanderos, and Masters to help healees break through from complex emotions.


A second chance to understand yourself

Healing, resolving and making peace with complex emotions is to give yourself a chance to understand who you really are beneath the emotions, trauma, and patterns. 


Create a life that really matters for you

What would your life look like if it were not overwhelmed by emotions? What new choices will you make? Shame, Guilt and Rage work is an opportunity for you to create a life that really matters.

Image by D koi

Who is Unpack Complex Emotions for?

Shame Work

  • Are you still feeling shameful about an incident in your life?

  • Does thinking about it make you want to put it aside and hide right away?

  • Do you always feel that you're not good enough?

Guilt Work

  • Do you feel guilty about something that has happened in the past?

  • Do you find it challenging to forgive yourself, even little things you do?

Rage work

  • Are you angry at yourself for the things that you do?

  • Are you angry at the people around you - your family, colleagues, spouse?

  • Do you feel powerless with the circumstances in your life?

Start your healing

Unpack Complex Emotions

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