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Creative & Transformation Coaching

What is a good and fulfilling life?

What would you create in your life?

Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your purpose? Where do you go next?

Give yourself permission to dream deeper of what a well-lived life looks like for you. Combining coaching techniques with the understanding of modern psychology and spiritual teachings, sessions with Ming Kwang are designed to help you to manifest and walk your soul's path confidently and courageously.


As an ICF professional certified coach, Ming Kwang acts as a guide to help you listen to the answers and deeper truths that you've always had in your heart. 


Think of that idea you've been carrying around...

Maybe you have an idea to start a passion project or a business. If you've also been carrying around an idea...ask yourself: what's stopping you from creating it?

Whether it be an obstacle, blind spot, or inertia, coaching sessions help you to go deeper within your psyche to understand how you can work more effectively to make your passions into a reality! 

Listen to your
inner voice

In all of us is the power to create, and the ability to be creative. Whether you're in a "boring" administrative job, a business leader, a celebrity, or an artist, creative coaching can help take your creativity to the next level.

Ming Kwang helps you to align with your inner and truer voice, enabling your gifts and light to shine brightly. You already have the answers within you. The role of a coach is to guide you to where the answers are inside of you and support you in walking your inner truth while creating your best life.


Create your path and your destiny

Through creative coaching, coachees get to go deep within themselves to answer those tough questions. Who am I? What is my path? What do I want to create more of in my life?

As a coach, Ming Kwang will work closely with you to unpack the difficult topics of life, and cocreate practical and grounded solutions to guide you forward in your destiny.

What to expect in Creative Coaching


Professional Life Coach, Creative Director and Multimedia Artist

Ming Kwang brings his expertise as a certified ICF life coach, and the founder and creative director at to help his clients discover what they really want to create.


Awaken your creativity and artistry

You don't need to be an artist to have creativity and artistry. Creative coaching teaches you how to inject your unique creativity and fun into the work you do!


Unravel what really matters to you in your life

As you begin to express yourself, you will find yourself guided toward what your inner voice and soul are really saying. Learn how to honour those voices, and start living a life that matters to you.

Create your destiny now

Creative & Transformational Coaching

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