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Honouring Your Agreements


Every day, we make countless of agreements with ourselves and the people around us. While some agreements come in the form of a written contract, most agreements are unspoken rules that we subscribe to.

Do you find yourself agreeing with others all the time, even if you really disagree? What do you really want to say yes to? This class gives you clarity on what you really want, and really don't want, in your inner and outer world. Ultimately, understanding your Agreements is critical if you want to create change in the world.

Re-examine your agreements

As children, we are taught the ways of the world by the adults around us. We learn from them what it means to be a child, a student, a friend, a husband or wife. We even learn what it means to be successful in this world. 

In the process of learning these societal norms, we subconsciously or unconsciously make countless of agreements to abide by these "codes of conduct". 

These norms may have served you once before. But re-examine them, and you'll find many are no longer helpful, and may be the unspoken agreements holding you back.


Reset and Renew your agreements

After a thorough re-examination of your agreements, we begin to reset and renew agreements for the present and future. 

We reset agreements that we may have broken with ourselves before. We may have once to ourselves that we will no longer love again; or that we can never be successful in life. These agreements need to go so that you can achieve what you really want. 

We also renew agreements that we really want to keep, such as those that help us become better versions of ourselves and enables us to create the life we want to live. 

Revitalise the energies in your life

It takes up unnecessary energy to keep old agreements that no longer serve you. 

You will learn in this class to cut away the things that drains your energy, and prevents you from doing what your soul truly desires. 

As you do so, the energy you've lost starts coming back to you, leaving you revitalised and refreshed to work on the things that matter. 


Who is this class for?

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Business owners, leaders, and managers

Your company has its own set of agreements that your employees abide by. Setting up healthy agreements enables you to create a fulfilling and vitalising work environment for better employee engagement.

Image by Shane Rounce

Change-makers or social impact workers

You already notice an agreement in our society that needs to be changed. This class enables you to go deeper within, to create that change within yourself first. Reset your agreements so you can become the change you want to see, and effectively create that change in the world.

Image by Chris Liverani

Individuals looking to re-examine relationships

This class is also suitable for individuals wanting to improve the relationships in their lives. Learn how to make agreements that are in alignment with you and others, and understand what it takes to honour the integrity with the agreements you've made.

Course Details

This is a 5-week online course starting 11 August 2022.

Class Dates

Every Thursday from 11 August to 8 September 2022.


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT

Your Investment



We accept payment by bank transfer. An invoice will be issued upon successful registration. 

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Honouring Your Agreements

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