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Soul Work

What is your soul? Do you know what it's telling you? Do you know what your soul's purpose is?


Soul Work gives you clarity on the deeper questions you have been pondering in your life. Gain a deep sense of knowing of your soul, and the purpose you came with in this lifetime. This is a deep process work that enables you to see beyond your current perspectives into what really matters to your soul.

The Weight of the Soul

An interesting study found that people lost 21 grams after they passed away. This led many to believe that the soul has a physical weight of 21 grams.

Your soul is important. If not physical weight, your soul certainly carries a spiritual weight in your life. In Soul Work, we dive deep into the rabbit hole of who you are, your name and what really matters to you.

We use ancient Shaman techniques, Curandero teachings, combined with modern psychological understanding, to bring you into alignment with your soul's purpose, and what is important in your life.


Experience the wholeness of your being

Trauma — be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual — is like an invisible and powerful force that hits us. We often lose a certain part of ourselves after a trauma occurs, because the force of the trauma was stronger than who we were at that point in time. 

Over time, we develop our personality, inclinations and leanings based on the varied experiences we have in life. Consider this: Without these external influences, what does it mean to be you? 

In Soul Work, we use a range of techniques, including Soul Retrieval and Soul Pulling, to pull back the parts of your soul that are not integrated with you, so that you can experience what it means to be whole and complete. 

When you are state of wholeness and completion, you can move towards self-actualisation — to manifest or actualise what your soul really came here for. 

Understand your Soul Map and Soul Blueprint

You will also receive your Soul Map and Soul Blueprint through the processes in this work.


Your Soul Map and Soul Blueprint gives you clarity on your purpose in this lifetime. 

Many individuals who have completed Soul Work have received extraordinary takeaways from the practice that gives them a sense of direction into where they really want to be in life. 


What to expect in Soul Work


Work with 18 major techniques

Soul Work is an advanced practice, where we work with 18 major techniques that were passed down from Medicine Man, Curanderos, Shaman practices, and modern psychological understand.


A deep knowing and recognition of your soul

Soul Work gives you precise clarity on what your soul is. When you are whole and integrated with your soul, there is deep knowing that comes with it. You know what you came here for, and what you need to do in this lifetime.


Clear major poisons in your life

We will also be clearing the major poisons in your life that perpetuates the suffering and stops you from being free. You will learn physical processes to clear these poisons.


Who is Soul Work for?

Do you feel that there is something more to life than what you currently experience? 

Do you feel that there are certain parts of you that seem missing or incomplete?

Have you been searching for your purpose for a long time? Not just the goals you set every year, but a deeper purpose for your life?

If these questions have come up for you, you may want to consider doing Soul Work to dive deep into your purpose and being.

Start your healing

Soul Work

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