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Ming Kwang is a dynamic speaker who has been engaged in events, conferences, radio shows, and podcasts around the world.


Mental Wellness. Human Connection. 
Personal Mastery.

People are craving deep, fulfilling, authentic, heart-centred conversations even more so today.


They want to know:

1. how they can improve their internal wellness as a whole,

2. how they can align themselves to what matters to them beyond their chase,

3. how to get to the next levels of their game,

4. how they can deepen relationships, and

5. how they can connect with the world on another whole new level. 

From high corporate organisations to spiritual communities, Ming Kwang is known for translating complex ideas and frameworks into grounded and transformative takeaways that will leave audiences mind-blown, inspired and reflective, regardless of where they're at in their life journey. After hearing Ming Kwang, people often reach out inspired and wanting to learn more to acquire a higher level of quality of life.

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Growth & Transformation

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A certified life coach, creative director, professional multi-media artist, public advocate for mental health, Ming Kwang talks about a diverse range of topics to inspire human connection, wellness, creativity, and deeper spirituality among people from all walks of life. 

Download his Speaker Sheet to find a comprehensive list of topics.

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We welcome open discussions on topic ideas that you think will be suitable for your audience, and resonates with our mission to heal and inspire people to the next level of their game. 

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