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Empowerment and Enhancement

Empowerment implies a process. In this process, individuals acquire resources and information, then process them to expand their knowledge. A part of empowerment is a dynamic quality that enables you to recognize your own resources, and also utilize unused resources fully. This quality Is a process called enhancement. The process of enhancement is viewed as a way to nurture individual growth and human potential. This can be communicated and transferred to many other types of growth.

The empowerment and enhancement process creates greater awareness of your options. This allows you to create a greater use of your talents, increase your creativity, and create a shared community with others around you. Empowerment contains the word power. Power is often viewed negatively as control primarily of others. Control is used to disempower people. Empowerment, on the other hand, denotes the increased potential for successful living and Increasing your own sense of growth.

The more vital and healthy tools you have that go unutilized, the less you bring all your points together. This brings stagnation. With enhancement, we start using all those energies and we acquire more.

What can you do to make yourself shine more? What can you be to make your life greater? Most importantly, how can you enhance what you share with other people? Are you holding back too much? Are you giving too much? Are you giving without knowing in heart and soul? Are you receiving without knowing in heart and soul?

With enhancement, whatever you have becomes stronger, firmer, and radiates more. Enhancement sharpens facts and tools, shows you new ways to use them, be with them, love them, share them, and let things manifest. Enhancements are a way to move forward gently and easily.

Enhancements give you energy, technique, maps, and charts. Entanglements are what you are entangled with: your drama, your gossip, the drama in your head. The process that says that you cannot, will not, or should not; or that you need this or need that; or that you need to be married to succeed, or you need to succeed. All of these are entanglements. Your light is entangled with a thought system that you created. We need to let go of these entanglements. We need to identify them and take all that entanglement space up with enhancements instead.

Entanglements give us a million reasons not to do the work. We say we are too tired or overworked, that we have already done it, that it is too simple or too complicated. It happens right here. It happens when you do your work. Ask any place or piece inside you. Ask any wisdom, learning experience, or lesson inside of you or outside of you to open itself up for enhancement. Grab into your energy field all those miscellaneous sayings and pieces of wisdom. Pull them inward so they enhance whatever you have. Most importantly, commit to your own enhancement.

Now is the time for you to become untangled from your fear and your doubts. Before you are able to take a great step forward, you need to know what parts of you are going forward, and what parts you are leaving behind.


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