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Hun Ming Kwang

Hun Ming Kwang is a miracle maker.


As a globally recognised spiritual and inner work teacher, a master healer, and a ICF professional life coach, he has trained and helped over 10,000 individuals, including C-suite leaders, politicians, celebrities, and medical doctors to transform and attain a higher level of awareness to manifest their purpose and destiny. Initiated onto his path of mastery through long lineages of masters, healers, curanderos, shamans, high priests, lamas, khenpo riponches, and esoteric arts across globe, he is also a direct pupil and apprentice of Starr Fuentes, lineage holder of the long unbroken Mayan Lineage in South Eastern Mexico and the keeper of the 13 Lineage Master Skulls in the world.


As an author, a creative, and a speaker, he also focuses on championing humanitarian campaigns and production efforts to invoke awareness on social causes such as human transformation, alternative medicine, mental wellness, and suicide prevention.

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Working with Ming Kwang

What you will receive

Mystic Energetic Arts

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Discover sacred generational teachings passed down from the long, unbroken Mayan Mexican Curanderos lineage that reveals profound insights about your life and the world around us.

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As a Master Healer, Ming Kwang has worked on and resolved thousands of cases, ranging from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic diseases with people from all walks of life.

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Private Tutoring

Ming Kwang provides private tutoring sessions to coach politicians, business leaders, celebrities, medical doctors, and spiritual teachers to insights, problem-solving, and deepening their roles and paths with Source.

Transformational, Self-Awareness Workshops in Seoul by Master Teacher Hun Ming Kwang

Transformational, Self-Awareness Workshops in Seoul by Master Teacher Hun Ming Kwang

Monthly highlights

Online Events

Honouring Your Agreements

Do you find yourself agreeing, when you really want to disagree? Re-examine your agreements to start living the life you want, and not the life you're expected to.

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Soul Work

What is your soul? Do you know what it's telling you? Do you know what your soul's purpose is? Soul Work gives you clarity on the deeper questions you have been pondering in your life.

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Honouring Your Ancestors

In this class, you will learn the practices to honour your ancestors and reconnect with your roots. Learn the Eastern traditional methods to heal  generational issues.

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Everyday Magic for Practical Manifestation

Learn how to apply metaphysical concepts into material outcomes. This powerful class helps you ground your spiritual understanding for real-world manifestations.

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Awaken your Mastery

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Everything in this world can be made possible, only if we do the right things that leads us to the desirable path we seek to pursue. First, we have to know our intentions and what the right things are. To know simply means having to internalise and to truly understand the inner mechanics of how things work and how it is applied in the world we live in. It is critically important to know the steps we need to take to get there.


Mastery is like a blade being polished in the tempest heat such that it is refined to its most impeccable form that it can be. The fire is never a gentle master. The process of mastery involves the continuous journey of overcoming yourself, your barriers, your gaps, your obstacles such that you are able to pave your own path that leads to the fruition of your destiny. Mastery is about having the courage and discipline to keep on walking when the path appears seemingly difficult. Mastery is about having the integrity to hold yourself in the purest form that you can be, by purifying the impurities within you. The journey of mastery requires self-awareness and an elevated consciousness that begins to unravel as we work through our lessons that our soul has chosen inside-out.

As a master, you are responsible for all the outcomes in your awareness and consciousness, in your life, and in the lives of others.

Soul filled Sundays

Soul/filled Leadership

The journey to living an authentic life requires a tremendous amount of courage to confront oneself and have difficult conversations that matter.

Transformation happens when we make a conscious choice to let go of the past that no longer serves us, so that we may create a deep, meaningful and fulfilling future in the NOW time.

I'm here to hold space for you in your discomfort. Join our weekly conversations on our newsletter. 

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