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The Soul Calling Retreat

Work with Master Teacher, Hun Ming Kwang, at this in-person retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where you will journey within to answer your soul's calling.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
1 Aug 2023 - 7 Aug 2023

Pick up the phone, it's your Soul calling!


How often do you dismiss the things that you're passionate about?

How often do you ignore what you truly desire?

Are you settling for a career and life that meets external expectations, instead of pursuing your true purpose?

Each of us came with a purpose to fulfil in this life. Our Soul signed up for the lessons we experience in life, so that we can ascend to a higher level of evolution. It is important that we learn our lessons, move out of the past, and embark on our path to self-actualisation and be in alignment with our Higher Self.

In this retreat, you will learn profound teachings on how you can connect with your Higher Self on a deep level, and finally pick up the call from your Soul!


Get Initiated To Your Path

You will be learning and receiving tools and techniques that will support you as you continue your purpose beyond the retreat. 

Actualise your Purpose

Being in alignment with our Higher Self and our purpose requires us to step into our light and embrace our unique gifts and talents.

Forgiving ourselves and others, and letting go of repeating patterns are important keys that allow us to enter a higher state of being in line with our highest good.

You will receive a deep and transformational healing process so that you can come fully into the present where you are empowered to create your future.


A Note from Ming Kwang

I'm excited for us to work together!

My gift is to make complex subjects into practical understanding in the material world. I serve as a bridge between the spiritual and material world. 

My approach is known to be direct, fast, precise, and cutting edge. I am known to be able to hold spaces for my clients to get their breakdowns and breakthroughs. 


Being in my space, clients will gain heightened insights and awareness for them to make conscious choices in their life. All it takes is the right intention, right thought, right word, right action, and right energy, to open up new possibilities both inside and outside of their reality. 


I design new foundations, frameworks, and fundamentals with my clients that support their new realities. I help my clients construct new pathways for them to manifest their soul purpose and calling.

As a Master Teacher, I know how to illuminate an individual's gift to its highest potential. I am designed to spark transformation and forwarding actions in their life that best serve their original intentions, soul contracts, agreements, and integrity. 

Today, I have worked with more than 10,000 people to transform and attain a higher level of awareness in order to manifest their purpose and destiny. Join me and many others on this amazing journey of transformation. 


Register for the The Soul Calling Retreat

Enrolment closes on 1 July 2023

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Thanks for registering. We will contact you soon to share more details about the retreat.


Your Healing Getaway

Enter a space of introspection and healing here in Chiang Mai.

Guest Teachers

We have invited Guest Teachers who bring unique techniques specially for all retreat participants.


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